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Best apps for travel after lock down

Updated: Mar 25, 2022

In my view, I feel that the following apps will be very helpful in travel whether you are a Backpacker Road Tripper or any kind of traveller.

  1. How do you find out a place to reach when you are driving and in a remote place without internet data to get map support? 

Well. Maps are common on any phone. But please take time in downloading offline maps to the place where you are going to go. You can find your way and places (like Restaurants, landmarks) even if the internet data is not available. Post-Covid 19 situation, a lot of us may be using personal vehicles. So, an offline map app will be handy. Google has an offline map that you can download. You may check other maps. 

  1. In the post-Covid situation, you do not want to go to a crowded place (be it a restaurant or monument or a place). How do you find out whether that place is crowded at the time you want to go? 

If you want to avoid going to crowded places post-Covid 19 lockdown period, you may use the “Popular times” feature in google maps to find out crowded restaurants and places (

  1. If you are in a place where everything is written in the local language (Street signboards or Bus Boards, etc.). Let's say, you are in Delhi (India) where a shop signboard or a Street is written in Hindi (local language). You do not know the local language. How do you understand what is written? This challenge could be in any part of the world.

Here is a simple app that you can download. It is Google Translate. You can use Google Translate to scan and get an instant translation.

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