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Best Full Moon Day Trips One Should Experience In India

Best Full Moon Day Trips One Should Experience In India

Experience doubles up on special days. For me, full moon day is a special day. I look for full moon day travel experiences. It is soul fulfilling to see a full moon rise from the ground. So, where you see full moon rise matters. Not just that. On full moon day, certain monuments / towers glow and look different. In this article, I will be covering such places and monuments. As I always mention, this is based on my experience or learning. There could be other great places to visit during the full moon day. Happy to learn from you if you can comment.

Full moon rise on the Kanyakumari Beach:

Full Moon rise at Kanyakumari

Full Moon rise at Kanyakumari with the back drop of Vivekanantha rock and Thiruvalluvar statue

While full moon rise can be witnessed on any east facing Beach, there is something special about Kanyakumari Beach. Kanyakumari is the southernmost tip of India and is the confluence of the Arabian sea, the Bay of Bengal and the Indian Ocean. Photographers would love this place for Sunrise and Sunset. Travellers visit this place on Chitra / Chaitra Purnima (full moon day in the Tamil month of Chithirai), as on that day one can see Sunset and Full Moon rise at the same time. Place gets crowded in general . It is better to go there early to witness this magnificent beauty. September to March is the best season. April to May could be hot but the sky will be clear for Moon watching. June to August is a monsoon season. Plan your trip next time around Full moon time. 

Sailing or Cruising around Full moon days

One should do Cruise or Sailing on any water body around Full moon day. It will be a memorable one. Giving below two of my favourite full moon day water trips. 


Going out in the Sea on a full moon day will be magical. Especially when you get into a Boat / Yacht and start moving into the sea. First,  you will see the city in a different perspective. Slowly, the city will be out of scene but you will see a spectacular sunset in the west. With golden rays spreading all over the waves, it will be an experience. Within a short time, you will see a glorious moon rising on the east. By then, the sun is set. With moonlight, its silver light spreading all over the sea on the waves, it will be stunning. 

There are operators doing full moon day trips in Chennai. My favourite one is wind sailing. Wind Sailing is one of the popular eco sports in the world. Location of Chennai is idea for wind sailing. Wind sailing is not commercially operated. But you can do a 2 hours wind sailing orientation that is conducted on any day or on Full moon day. 

Sailors enjoying the full moon rise

Sailors enjoying the full moon rise

Silver treat from full moon while Sailing

Silver treat from full moon while Sailing

Full moon from blue sky reflecting on the blue sea

Full moon reflecting on the blue sea



Full Moon Cruise in Goa is very popular.You will sail on the River Mandovi and enjoy the reflection of moonlight on the river. It will be mesmerising to see the sky, river water and the reflection of the moon. Whole place will be beautiful. Generally, a full moon light cruise lasts for 2 hours.  It’s not expensive either. One can do at Rs.200 Per Person. 

Full moon guiding Goa river cruise

Full moon guiding Goa river cruise

Full moon day trip to Rann of Kutch

The Rann of Kutch, travellers’ dream spot in Gujarat, is a vast salty desert.  Place is under water during the monsoon season and the desert is accessible after monsoon. Full moon trip to this Salt desert will be a lifetime experience. You will realise this when you see sparkling glow on the salt desert during the moonlight. On the full moon day, special vehicles are arranged to reach white Rann to experience a full moon lit desert view. Luxurious one is Rann Utsav, tented city stay. There are other budget stay options available. Season is from November to February. During this time, Rann of Kutch looks like a festival place with music, food, dance and so on. Strongly recommended for moon lovers.

Festival look at Rann of Kutch desert

Festival look at Rann of Kutch desert

Desert Festival on the full moon day

Jaisalmer desert safari on a full moon night

Jaisalmer desert safari on a full moon night

Every year, Desert Festival happens in Jaisalmer in February. Festival starts 3 days before the Full Moon day at Sam Sand Dunes in the middle of Thar Desert, away from the hustle and bustle of town. Needless to say that you will be in a different world. Imaging how that will be on full moon night with light over the desert sand. Adding to that, the festival brings art, traditions, music, and food. It is the most enjoyable desert stay one can have. While doing trip to Jaisalmer Desert Festival, one can also look at the Rajputana Palaces, and Forts of Mughal emperors. 

Festival starts from the Jaisalmer fort. The desert becomes a colorful and energetic place with ethnic attire, decorations, Gair (Rajasthani folk dance), fire dance, Camel Polo and Camel Races. On the full moon day, Fort exterior walls are decorated to look stunning that everyone would enjoy.

Full moon viewing of Taj Mahal, Agra 

In terms of monument, Taj Mahal is the best around full moon days. It could be because of white marble reflecting white moon light adding more beauty. Night viewing of Taj Mahal is available on five days in a month i.e. on full moon night and two nights before and two nights after the full moon. Tickets are available One day before the date of Night Viewing from the office of Archaeological Survey of India (A.S.I.), Agra. Limited seats are available and the time duration for each batch is half an hour (30 minutes). Date and other details are available in

Taj Mahal on Full Moon

Taj Mahal Full moon viewing

I am sure full moon will be fantastic in many other places like India Gate in Delhi, Shore Temple in Mahabalipuram (Chennai), Gateway of Mumbai, and so on.  I have tried to cover longer full moon experience and any full moon viewing available in monument place like Taj. Also, heard that Tso Moriri Lake in Ladhakh is beautiful during Full Moon Day. There could be more places to experience full moon. Happy to hear from you all. Thanks for reading. 

– Travel Terner (Passionate Travel Blogger), +917550042234

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