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Best Places To Visit In South India

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

A vacation will do a world of good to revive and rejuvenate! Given the situation, it can still be accomplished by visiting good hygiene and less crowded place. We are providing below some hotels and resorts for your reference. There could be more for your choice and budget – click here to get more.



A lovely place for a short trip to a long stay.

Yercaud is a hill station and an outlet for all college students going for a ride, campfire etc. It has beautiful villas bungalows and hotel rooms to stay in. It has both public places and solid private estates to spend quiet days. Lovely climate. Suits anyone’s budget and plans. Fulfils everyone s likes and tastes. 

Just 45 mints drive from Salem.

Yercaud Weather by MonthTempJulyAugSepOctNovDecMIn Temp (°C)17.617.31716.414.913.1Max Temp (°C)2626.126.22523.522.9Rainfall in mm18724920926016160

After Covid, we need to carefully focus more on places we chose to stay and visit. Here are some places which we recommend and do not recommend you to visit

Recommended places – Shevaroy Hills, Killiyur Waterfalls (Seasonal), Tippery Viewpoint, Karadiyur viewpoint, Silk farm, Kottachedu teak forest, Pagoda point, Lady’s seat and Tea, Coffee estates

Not Recommended places – Heavily crowded places like Boating, Children’s park, Temples, Botanical and Rose Gardens, Poppy hills, Treetop adventure spots,  

Recommended Stay PlacesWOW Bison Woods Resort, Yercaud, IndiaGrand Palace Hotel & Spa, Yercaud, India

Great Trails Yercaud By GRT Hotels, YercaudRadisson Salem, Salem, India



Kotagiri is a good locality nestling in the blue hills of the Nilgiris at 2000 meters, Kotagiri is a lovely little town remaining of its old-world charm. It enjoys the best climate in the Nilgiris and at one time, it was said to have the second-best climate in the world. The same Ghat road winds its way up from Mettupalayam though of course, today one travels by motorized vehicle. One will almost certainly see a tribe of black-faced Nilgiri Langurs frolicking by the side of the road near the second of its four hairpin bends. After dark, the lights of Mettupalayam and surrounding towns of the plains make an enchanting and beautiful fairyland. Historical interest in Kotagiri is John Sullivan’s house at Kannerimukku. Nature spots are Kodanad viewpoint from where there is a breathtaking view of the mountain ranges, the tortuous course of the Bhavani River and the plains of Coimbatore district, Catherine Falls and the Longwood Shola, which harbour harbours many rare and beautiful plants and birds. Tourist spots are Nehru Park and Pandiaraj memorial park. Kotagiri can also be reached from Ooty (28 km.) and Coonoor (20 km.) both very beautiful drives especially when the bright yellow Mimosa, the brilliant scarlet wild Rhododendrons or the pristine white dog roses of the beautiful blue Jacarandas are in bloom.

Kotagiri weather by month..TempJulyAugSepOctNovDecMIn Temp (°C)13.816.916.616.31513.9Max Temp (°C)19.820.320.520.319.419.3Rainfall in mm12511011925418488

Recommended Leisure Places –  Kodanad View Point, Naragiri, Gundada, Kerben, Kallati, Ajoor, Longwood shola, 

Recommended Adventurous places – Rangaswamy peak and Pillar Trek, Catherine Falls Trek, Camping and Trekking – Photo Album

Best ResortsHanging Huts Resort – Kotagiri, IndiaGreen Nest Resort, Kotagiri, India

Meanest Nightingale – Nature Resorts, KotagiriFarview Mountain Resort Villas Kotagiri



Gateway to The Greenery Heaven is also a secured and safe gateway from Chennai, Coimbatore Coimbatore and Bangalore. If u are the one who is looking to rest under the coconut trees …enjoy the greenery of the nature lord..then Pollachi is the place for you !! It’s a city in Coimbatore district ..which is 250 km from Bangalore and 350 km from Chennai.

Several Activities you can learn while in Pollachi is about jaggery making, seeing palm leaves craft making, pottery and kayaking which included a small hike.TempJulyAugSepOctNovDecMIn Temp (°C)22.422.622.522.521.820.5Max Temp (°C)29.329.930.730.43039.8Rainfall in mm164825814911844

Recommended Places → Topslip,  Navamalai, Aliyar Dam

Adventurous Places → Anamalai Tiger Reserve, Turning point adventurous, Parambikulam Tiger Reserve Safari

Recommended Stay PlacesCoco Lagoon by Great Mount Resort, PollachiThe Coconut County Farm Stay, Pollachi



Snuggled up in the foothills of the Western Ghats, explore the awe-inspiring stay at Elamalai and Anaikatti. Anaikatti in the local language translates to a ‘group of elephants’, so you will be feasting your eyes on the magnificent beasts as they carry on with their everyday task of crossing the wilderness. Modern comfort on one hand and the rustic charm of the small mountainous region on the other, experience the best of both worlds. Comfortable stay with good food and hospitality, lose yourself in the thick and beautiful forests, gracefully flowing water bodies of Elamalai (Anaikatti). Anaikatti has plenty to offer. Nature walks wildlife sightings and yes, an audience with the gentle giants. Anaikatti is the ideal destination to experience the natural glory of the Western Ghats, around the year.TempJulyAugSepOctNovDecMIn Temp (°C)21.92221.921.92119.6Max Temp (°C)28.829.630.430.129.229Rainfall in mm41304415112139

Recommended Places → Silent valley National Park (Rain Forest),  Mangarai village 

Adventurous Places → NIght Jungle Safari, Tribal Habitats of The Muduga, Irula and Kurumba

Best Stay Place – SR Jungle Resort, Coimbatore, India



Sirumalai is a region of 60,000 acres (200 km) situated 25 km (16 miles) from Dindigul and 40 km (25 miles) from Madurai, Tamilnadu, India. There are many high hills in the area. Hillock International School is located in Sirumalai. Sirumalai is a dense forest region with a moderate climate throughout the year. With an altitude of 1600 metres above sea level, it contains diversified flora and fauna. The hill has 18 hairpin bends. Max temperature is around 32 in the year. One can reach Dindigul by Train or Bus from many places or by flight to Madurai in Tamil Nadu (India)

Sirumalai Hills has several scenic natural attractions like

  1. Observation Tower located on seventeenth Hair Pin Bend

  2. Selvi Koil Point offers a panoramic view of Dindigul and Chinnamalai town. At dusk, the Selvi Koil Point unveils a view of the beautifully illuminated Dindigul and adjacent Chinnamalai town down below, which appear oval-shaped.

  3. Silver Hills – Located in Agastya Puram is Silver Hill, which is the tallest hill in Sirumalai. It is said that the peak of the Silver hill was made up of Silver but to avoid man’s destructive actions during the Kali Yuga the hill was transformed via Alchemy into stone by Agastya Siddhar, hence it got the name silver hill. The hill's silver glitter can be still seen in the sunlight. At the peak of this Silver hill is a 500-year-old Shiva Lingam, walk to the top of the hill is about 30 – 45 minutes.

Other places of interest are Annai Velankanni Church, Vellimalai Murugan Temple, Sirumalai Lake with Boating, Sanjeevani Hills, Saathiyar Basin, Khandige Estate. Click on the image below to book the Stay. Also, available is Coffee County Resorts in Sirumalai.


Bangalore – Kanakapura

Bangalore is surrounded by several outing places for wellness and adventure. One such place is Kanakapura. Kanakapura is a town and the headquarters of Kanakapura Taluk in the Ramanagara district in the state of Karnataka, India. Situated 55 km from the city of Bengaluru, this town is famous for the production of silk and granite. Kanakapura is home to abundant flora and fauna. This place is a hidden gem bountiful in greenery and waterfalls. A lot of colourful birds can be seen perched on the trees filling the emptiness with their melodious chirpings.TempJulyAugSepOctNovDecMIn Temp (°C)20.820.820.520.518.817Max Temp (°C)29.529.730.129.628.528Rainfall in mm65721201695115

Recommended Places → Janapada Loka Museum, Arkavati River, Prani, The Pet Sanctuary, Chunchi falls, Shivanasamudram Falls, Sangama

Adventurous Places → Kabbaladurga, Discovery Village Resort, Nature Adventure Camp,  Amegundi Resort

Not Recommended → Kanakapura Park

Recommended resorts for families & friends →Discovery Village ResortBaevu – The Village, Kanakapura



  1. Free cancellation – as Lockdown is not fully lifted and Hotels / Resorts are not fully opened in all places, it is recommended that you book ‘free cancellation’ policy properties

  2. Listed properties are given by Blogger after considering the reviews and the post-Covid 19 hygiene requirements

  3. This blog contains some affiliate links. As an affiliate, we receive compensation if you purchase through these links, at no extra cost to you. 

  4. Click the image to search for the dates available and to book.

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