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Coastal Adventure Trip for 9 Women

Updated: Mar 25, 2022

  1. 9 young Indian women wanted to travel to Chennai & Pondicherry to celebrate their friendship post-graduation and they chose KeyTerns for their travel facilitation. keyterns understood their adventure hunger and meticulously planned the trip while keeping safety and comfort in mind. The trip was successful.

  2. Bessy Beach Beginning: Young women landed in Chennai around 6 AM, they were picked up at Airport and were taken to Besant Nagar beach where they enjoyed their first Chennai beach experience with an excellent Breakfast at Murugan Idly. Later, they visited World’s 2nd longest Beach Marina and Lighthouse.

  3. Stunning Sailing at Chennai Sea: On the same day, they had a long wind Sailing that became a pleasantly memorable one for all of them.

  4. Paramotoring: Day 2 was fabulous with the Paramotoring ride. They were thrilled. Fortunately, the wind was favourable. Flying was feasible. Their wait became fruitful. Each one was in the air for around 15 minutes.  It was a first time experience. They also got their flying captured in GoPro.

  5. Paradise Beach: They relaxed at Mababs and Puducherry Beach and enjoyed Paradise Beach boating at Chunnambar. Another great day. They cherished their travel to Auroville and Shopping at Puducherry.

  6. Beach House stay: Final day was memorable with a nice Beach house stay. Another beach experience. In the end, they had a complete Coastal Adventure trip. The key thing about their travel is that no one escorted and they felt so safe. They travelled back home with loads of fine memories. We were so happy to have been part of their memorable travel.

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