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Guide To The Kutraalam And Private Falls

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

A Guide To The Kutraalam And Private Falls

Known as the Spa of South India, Kutralam (also called ‘Courtallam’) has numerous waterfalls, cascades and countless health resorts. This waterfall zone is the source for perennial rivers like Chittar River, Manimutharu, Pachaiyar and Tamirabarani. The waterfalls of Courtallam have medicinal value as they run through forest and herbs before their descent. A trip to the falls that is exclusively for you and your loved ones will be refreshing and exhilarating. 

Courtallam reminds us of Main falls, Five Falls, and Old Falls. In this Blog, we are sharing other enthralling falls, private falls and stunning places. Read on….


Check out other private waterfalls stays and trips

South India has many waterfalls, private waterfalls and waterfalls resorts. Click here to view them –


Gopal Private Falls

Gopal Private Falls, Gundar near Kutraalam. PC –

The Gopal private falls is located inside a private estate near Gundaru Dam. The adventurous travel through steep roads, spectacular surroundings, the perfect weather with privacy will make oneself elated. The place can be reached via jeep. The cost will include for the jeep and the private waterfalls. Approximately Rs.1500 will be charged for the jeep and 2 hours shower in the falls. Contact – Mobile 8675406955 / 9524837257. It is one of the few best places in Kutralam to enjoy the drain of water with family and less crowd. Gundaru Dam is a perfect place for swimming and boating. 

Palaruvi falls

Thenmala Palaruvi


The Palaruvi falls, 45 mins drive from Kutralam,  is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Kerala. The water falls into a small pool and this place is ideal for swimming. The enroute to this falls has an amazing scenic beauty. 

Thenmala Eco Tourism

Thenmala Eco Park Walk

Thenmala Dam Boating

Thenmala which lies at the conjunction of the Kollam-Shenkottai road and the Trivandrum-Shenkottai Road, boasts of India’s first planned Ecotourism destination. It has 10 Ecotourism spots that cover the great hill ranges of Thiruvananthapuram, Pathanamthitta and Kollam districts. Various attractions in thenmala include Adventure zone, Boating, Butterfly Safari, Children’s park, Deer rehabilitation centre and light and sound show.

Achankovil river

Achankovil river

An hour drive from Tenkasi through Konni reserve forest, leads to Achankovil river.  The forest has the presence of  peacocks, elephants, giant squirrels. Beautiful scenery on the enroute to a river is a bliss. It is a great place for family picnics across the river. 

Manalar waterfalls

Kutraalam Manalar

Manalar waterfalls on the way to Achankovil is surrounded by lush greenery. A shower in the waterfall with cool breeze and picturesque environment will rejuvenate oneself. For any important updates, one can reach out to

Adavi Nainar dam and Mekkarai Village

Adavinainar Reservoir

On the way to Achankovil from Tenkasi, depending on the season, one can visit the beautiful Adavi Nainar Dam. Also, it will be fascinating to see Mekkarai Village which appeared in many movies, specifically Kamal Haasan starred “Papanasam” Thamizh Movie.

Thirumalai Temple

Kutraalam – Thirumalai Temple – PC:

Sri Thirumalai Kumaraswamy Temple, at Panpozhil Tenkasi, Tirunelveli is one of the famous Hill Temple of Lord Murugan.  There is a lake on the top of the hill. It was formed at the divine power of sage Agathiyar and the water is considered to be sacred. It is said that a lotus flower would blossom everyday in this tank.  Atop the hill, it flaunts a 360 degree nature view filled hillock. 

Rosemala at Thenmala

Thenmala – Rosemala

Thenmala – Rosemala

Situated around 15 km deep into the woods from Aryankavu, Rosemala, a valley that possesses large amounts of the abundance of nature. The woodland street prompting Rosemala is steep and winding. The quietness of a few mountain streams on the way through the thick woodland tracts is mesmerising. Pallivasal and Darbhakkulam are two places for trekking and wandering into the woods. Rosemala watchtower and Thenmala Dam are few attractions in it.

Experiences at KutralamNature and AdventureMain Falls, Small Falls (Citharuvi), Five Falls (Iyentharuvi), Tiger Falls (Puliyaruvi), Old Courtallam Falls (Palaiya Kutralam), ShenbagaDevi Falls (Senbakadavi), Honey Falls (Theanaruvi) are few waterfalls.Heritage and CultureBorder Parotta

The Border Rahmath Parotta Stall in the sengottai border is a famous shop for parotta and non vegetarian. It will be a delight for Non vegetarians. Spiritual and WellnessKasi Viswanathar kovil is an artistic temple built for Lord Shiva in the 13th century.

The Kutralanathar Temple also known as Thirukkutralanathar is one of the most popular temples of Tamilnadu and is dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is one of the 275 Thevara Shiva Sthalams of Lord Shiva. The temple is 2000 years old and there are a lot of old Tamil inscriptions of Chola and Pandian periods.

Achankovil Dharmasastha temple is one among 5 Dharma Sastha Temples,  located near to a forest and the river.

Border Parotta

Best Season & WeatherJul  to  AugMonsoon (Called ‘Saaral season)Nov to FebWinter (Water flow will be low, but weather will be great)

How to reachFlightTuticorin is the nearest airport to tenkasi.  Madurai is second close to tenkasi and has more connective flight and frequency. TrainTenkasi Junction and it is connected to all the major cities of Tamil Nadu.BusTenkasi is connected via Tamil Nadu State Road Transport Corporation (TNSRTC) and some private travel services from many cities and towns.

Live Streaming Of Kutralam Waterfalls

For live update on Kutralam season and the volume of water, please visit the website

Suggestions on  resorts / hotels in and around Kutralam for stay

Mohan Resorts, Mekarai

Mohan resort in Mekarai, Shenkottai, has a scenic beauty affording independent cottages divided into suites and rooms accommodating couples, small and large family groups, student groups (dormitory) and corporate groups. It offers private falls, tasty food with prompt service in a hygienic atmosphere.


Saaral Resorts, Kutralam

Click on the image to Book.


Five Falls Resort – Courtallam

Click on the image to Book.


Orchard Valley Resort, Courtallam, India

Orchard valley at Gundaru Dam offers calm and serene settings in and around it. Amenities include, garden, children play area, indoor pool, terrace. It offers bicycle rental and shuttle services. It is just 3 miles from Shendurney Wildlife Sanctuary. 

Click on the image to Book.


The Kuttalam Heritage Resort, Courtallam

Click on the image to Book.


Few other hotels / resorts that can be considered are Jijis Castle, Varam Resorts. 


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