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Have You Visited These Stunning Geological Structures?

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

Covering some interesting geological structure trips that you can do.

Orange Caves in Andhra

Known by the villages Bildurgam, the caves named Billa Surgam are sedimentary and igneous rock formations. About an hour’s drive from Kurnool there is a small village called Kanuma Kina Kottala where the Billa Surgam caves are located.

Numerous stone tools, animal remains, fragments of pottery were found at the caves during the archaeological excavation at this site, which makes it evident of the existence of prehistoric human activities.

Let us check the mighty Geo structure by ourselves. This is not a planned travel spot so it’s better to be explored with your group of heritage enthusiasts, a local escort will add value too.


Amazing Rock Garden

An amazing sight of the natural beauty of igneous rock formations, located at about 23 km from the Kurnool district situated in the Kurnool – Nandyal highway at about 3 km from the Orvakal village, is the Orvakal Rock Garden or the Orvakallu.

It is a large sculpture garden park with ancient caves and igneous rock formations between pools of water. This is a different and unusual travel spot but the fascinating stretch of the rocks will make the visit-worthy and cherishable. Orvakal Rock Garden is where some part of the Bahubali Movie fight sequence was taken, heard.

Orvakal Rock Garden

Orvakal Rock Garden

Orvakal Rock Garden

Orvakal Rock Garden


The Rock Garland

When we say Tirupati, we do not think anything apart from it being a religious site. It’s interesting to know that the place is a

The stunning Geo structure is no more hidden and is made easily accessible to the visitors. There is even a garden set up developed around to fantasize this beauty in comfort. Visits during the sunrise and sunset make it more pleasing and attractive.


Blog is written by RJ Vaithee


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