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Krishna Sculptures In South India – A Travel

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

Krishna Dancing On Snake

Krishna is dancing on the multi-hooded snake (Kalinga) in the River Yamuna. This dancing Krishna is called Kalinga Narthana Krishna

Image: Belur, Karnataka

Krishna Lifting Hill

Krishna lifted the Govardhan Hill to protect his people and cattle from the thunderstorms and rain caused by Indra (Rain God). This Krishna is called Govardhan Giridhari

Image: Mamallapuram, Tamil Nadu

Krishna Stealing Butter

Krishna loves stealing butter, and this was also an act where he stole the heart of gopi and his devotees. He is the lord of mischief and is also called Navaneetha Chora. Image: Thirukurungudi, Tamil Nadu #Travel, #India, #Heritage, #Spiritual, #Religious, #Krishna, #NavaneethaChora

Krishna As Baby

Krishna behaved like a normal kid to his mother Yasoda and made her forget that he was the Supreme being. This baby Krishna is called Bala Krishna. Image: Hampi, Karnataka #Travel, #India, #Heritage, #Spiritual, #Religious, #Krishna, #Balakrishna

Krishna With Flute

Krishna loves playing the instrument flute which attracted all the cattle and people of Brij. This flute-playing Krishna is called Venugopala. Image: Hampi, Karnataka #Travel, #India, #Heritage, #Spiritual, #Religious, #Krishna, #Balakrishna, #Venugopala

Krishna Stealing The Dress Of Gopis

Krishna stealing the dress of gopis and this Krishna is called Vastra Haran. Image: Thiruvallikeni, Tamil Nadu #Travel, #India, #Heritage, #Spiritual, #Religious, #Krishna, #VastraHaran, #Chennai, #Thiruvallikeni


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