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Heritage things to do in Mamallapuram

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

Location features: Mahabalipuram or Mamallapuram is a historic city and UNESCO World Heritage site in Tamil Nadu, India. Few must visit places are:

Shore temple: The stunning Shore Temple is a two-temple structure that stands facing the sea. It is one of the oldest stone-built temples in South India and was one of the first temples to be created at Mahabalipuram.

Pancha Pandava Rathas: Panch Rathas, meaning five chariots, are magnificent stone structures, each carved out of a single huge boulder. There is one structure each for the five Pandava brothers, significant characters of the Indian epic Mahabharata. Each monolithic structure showcases intricate carvings and fine work of art by the skilled artisans of the 7th century.

Tiger and Athiranchanda Caves: The Tiger Cave is a rock-cut Hindu temple cave from East India’s Pallava Empire. The temple is dedicated to the Lordess Durga. The cave is depicted by many tiger carvings and hence the name.

LightHouse of Mahabalipuram: Standing in the rocky patches, near the shore with spiral stairs gives a panoramic view of the shore and the rocks of mahabalipuram.

Krishna’s Butterball: The butterball is a granite boulder approximately 6 meters high and 5 meters wide and weighs around 250 tons. It barely stands on a slope on top of 1.2-meter which is a naturally eroded hill which makes it unique.

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